Online lecturer exposes a famous actress’ shocking real personality, “She and her husband were about to hit me”  

An Internet lecturer shared her story of meeting an actress and witnessing her real character. 

Recently, a short video titled “Meeting an actress in real life” was posted on the official YouTube channel of the online lecture platform “Etus.”

hallyu star scandal

Lecturer Joo Hye Yeon (Joo-ssaem) in the video said, “At an ice cream store, I ran into a Hallyu wave actress that most people in Korea can recognize when they hear her name.”

The lecturer recalled, “The actress was eating ice cream in front of the display stand. I thought she had finished paying, so I went to the cashier and ordered mine.”

The lecturer continued, “But the actress then walked forward and said to the part-timer, ‘Hey there. Do your job properly.’ I was shocked and wondered what was going on. Then she suddenly turned to me and pointed her finger at me, and told the part-timer, ‘Did you not see this woman cutting in line right now?'”

hallyu star

The lecturer went on to reveal a more shocking detail, saying, “I thought maybe she was waiting to pay. Soon her husband came over. At first, I thought he came to stop the situation. But her husband looked at me and said, ‘Is this the woman (who cut the line)?’ The two of them were about to hit me.”

studio come on

Currently, the video has gained 3.6 million views. Netizens left comments expressing their curiosity over the actress’ identity, such as, “Who could it be?”, “I don’t think the actress is young because she is already married,” and “Celebrities like her must think they are so noble that they can overuse their power.”

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