Copying BTS, BALLISTIK BOYZ (BTZ) ranked No. 1 on Japan’s Oricon Chart

On May 31 (local time), the album of BALLISTIK BOYZ (BTZ) topped the weekly album rankings on the Oricon Chart, Japan’s largest music sales website.

Copying BTS, BALLISTIK BOYZ (BTZ) ranked No. 1 on Japan's Oricon Chart

BTZ was formed by LDH Entertainment, a major Japanese agency, they have been called “fake BTS” because they have similar group name, member composition, role and concept with BTS’s.

The seven-member BALLISTIK BOYZ follows hip-hop music style, just like BTS in their early days. The members are divided into four vocalists and three rappers, which is also similar to BTS.

The boy group, which was criticized for copying BTS after its debut, is now gaining unexpected popularity by reaching the top of the Oricon chart.

Some analysts say that the group is receiving enthusiastic responses from young people who have a strong antipathy to K-pop.

The netizens are responding to the news in various ways: “Why am I feeling ashamed?” and “It’s crazy starting from the name

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