AKMU’s ‘Love Lee’ Sets the Record for the Longest Consecutive #1 on Music Charts This Year: 53 Days and Counting

AKMU, has achieved the longest-running #1 record on South Korea’s biggest music platform, Melon, this year

According to YG Entertainment on the 29th, AKMU’s fourth single title track, “Love Lee,” secured the #1 spot on the Melon daily chart announced the previous day. This marks their 53rd consecutive day at the top of the chart, following their first #1 ranking on September 5th.


This achievement represents the longest record among songs released this year. In the Melon weekly chart, “Love Lee” has maintained its unbeatable #1 position for seven weeks, even more than two months after its release.

Since its release on August 21st, “Love Lee” has dominated various major domestic music streaming sites, achieving a “perfect all-kill” for 126 days. In September, they clinched the #1 spot in the digital streaming category on the Circle Chart, and their track “Dream of Fried Chicken” has consistently been well-received, securing a high position on music charts.


This success showcases the unique musical color of AKMU, infused with their artistic identity, as well as the unwavering trust of their listeners. With each comeback, they have consistently demonstrated their musical prowess, earning praise from music fans. Their impressive chart performance, combined with their wide popularity, leaves fans eagerly anticipating their future achievements.

Additionally, AKMU has confirmed their nationwide tour concert, their first in four years. Starting with a concert in Seoul from November 24th to 26th, they plan to engage with fans all around the country, visiting cities like Busan, Gwangju, Changwon, Goyang, Daegu, Suwon, and Daejeon.

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