K-netizens say IU and BTS are two “living legends” of Korea’s music industry

In a recent post on Theqoo, IU and BTS are called “living legends”. Considering the outstanding popularity, fanbase, and achievements of IU and BTS, most netizens agree with this.

2021 is an exciting and successful year for both IU and BTS in the music industry as they continuously reap remarkable achievements.  BTS released smash hits Butter, Permission to Dance that swept Billboard charts, occupying No. 1 for weeks. The global boy group was also crowned Artist of the Year at the 2021 AMAs. Meanwhile, IU, with the success of Celebrity, LILAC, strawberry moon, has once again affirmed her position as “digital queen” in Korea by topping domestic charts.

Earlier this year, BTS and IU were also the two artists who took home the two most important Daesangs at the 36th Golden Disc Awards.

IU and BTS living legends
IU won the Daesang Digital of The Year 
IU and BTS living legends
BTS won Daesang Album of the Year, and at the same time set a new record for the most Daesang Album wins in the history of Golden Disc Awards for 5 consecutive years.

It’s been 9 years since BTS’s debut and IU has also been in this entertainment industry for 14 years. However, both are still enjoying the long-lasting peak of their careers and have become role models for many juniors. In addition, the names of BTS and IU often appear in examination questions, books or news in Korea.

IU and BTS living legends
IU and BTS living legends
IU and BTS living legends
BTS and IU rank No.1 and No.2, respectively, in the chart of most popular celebrities in 2021, which was the result of a vote conducted by Gallup Korea with the participation of people aged from 13 to 40.

BTS and IU are well-known as “ living legends” who drew admiration and compliments from most Korean netizens. 

Some comments from K-netizens:

  • BTS and IU are more than just famous artists. Both own the most splendid career in KPOP history. It’s not exaggerated to call them “living legends”
  • I absolutely agree that they are legends of this era. Even elder people around me know BTS and IU. I think their popularity is not only based on their strong fandom.
  • Many people in their 50s are big fans of them
  • I already knew BTS and IU would be named even before reading this article
  • There is no one living at this time who doesn’t know BTS
  • Both carry out many activities, have big fandoms, and even high public recognition
IU and BTS living legends
At the moment, it’s hard to find any other artist who can surpass BTS and IU in music
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