Additional photos of BTS V’s dog, Yeontan, are revealed by Min Hee Jin

Min Hee Jin, who works with BTS V for his upcoming solo album, “Layover”, has shared photos of the male idol’s dog. 

On August 16th, Min Hee Jin published 2 additional photos of BTS V‘s dog, Yeontan, on her Instagram.

Yeontan is a pet dog that V adopted in 2017 and recently gained attention for appearing in the concept photos of V’s first solo album, “Layover”.


After the release of the above concept photos, Min Hee Jin shared previously undisclosed photos of Yeontan, where the dog can be wearing a red hat and making a playful expression while staring directly at the camera.

Meanwhile, BTS V started his promotions for “Layover” on August 10th by dropping the MV for the pre-release track “Love Me Again”, followed by the “Rainy Days” MV on the following day. 

So far, the 2 pre-released songs have achieved top rankings on various music charts including Spotify, Oricon, and iTunes.

It is known that Min Hee Jin, the producer of NewJeans’ agency ADOR, participated in V’s first solo album project. Earlier, V also shared behind-the-scenes of his concept photo shoot with Min Hee Jin through a live broadcast on the fan community platform Weverse.

On the other hand, BTS V’s first solo album, “Layover”, will be released on September 8th.

The title track of this album, “Slow Dancing”, is a romantic soul song that carries influences from the 1970s and captures a free and laid-back atmosphere.

Source: Insight

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