Song Kang, Nana, Kim Soo-hyun: Famous Actors And Actress Who Had Bold Nude Scenes

These top actors and actresses were willing to expose their bodies for their work

In Season 2 of “Sweet Home,” which was released on Netflix on December 1st, Song Kang drew attention with a nude scene. In an interview with My Daily, he said, “I had conversations with the director and he said that as a subject of a research, not a human, it was right for my character to take off his clothes because his whole body was being observed,” and explained, “The part where I got hit by blood was not CG, so I finished filming that scene at once after a lot of conversations.

I took off my clothes a lot in Season 1 as well, so I didn’t feel any pressure,” Song said. “This time, I ate a lot because when I imagined a monster, I felt he should be bloated rather than completely skinny. I also worked out a lot. There were times when I went to the gym twice a day,” he recalled.

In the Netflix drama “Mask Girl,” which was released in August, Nana was one of the three actresses acting as Kim Mo-mi, an ordinary office worker by day and an Internet broadcasting BJ covering her face with a mask by night.

mask girl nana

In particular, Nana took on the second role of Kim Mo-mi when she succeeded in changing with plastic surgery and lived as a beautiful show girl. She had a bold exposing scene in this production and solidified her position by breaking the prejudice towards idol-turned-actresses.

In 2021, Kim Soo-hyun appeared in the Coupang Play drama “One Ordinary Day,” based on the British BBC drama “Criminal Justice.” He played ordinary college student Kim Hyun-soo, who became a murder suspect overnight.

Kim Soo Hyun

In “One Ordinary Day,” Kim Soo-hyun, in particular, had another nude scene, following his role in the movie “Real” (2017). The actor received positive reviews for his successful acting transformation with this hot bed scene, further solidifying his position as a Korean Wave star.

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