EXO reunites and impresses after 5 years of military service

The complete lineup of EXO finally gathered again after 5 years of military service, impressing fans with their performance.

On July 14th, EXO appeared on a broadcast of “Choi Jung Won’s Night Park.”

On this day, Choi Jung Won introduced EXO as “an idol group celebrating their 11th anniversary and making a complete group comeback after 5 years.” Following this, EXO appeared from behind the stage and opened the door with their song “Growl” playing. 


Immediately, the group captivated the stage with their visuals and incredible live skills. In particular, Chen and Chanyeol filled their positions, completing the full lineup of EXO.

Regarding EXO’s highly-anticipated return, Baekhyun said, “After 5 years of military service, we are finally making a full group comeback, so the sense of stability and pressure has diminished a bit.” 

Then, when asked to choose their most legendary performance, EXO chose their 2013 release “Wolf” and performed the legendary “tree opening” with Choi Jung-hoon.


Afterwards, EXO introduced their new title song, “Cream Soda”, which is a pop dance song with exotic rhythms and an addictive chorus. The choreography enhances the members’ languid and seductive charm, which falls in line with the atmosphere of the song, allowing fans to fully enjoy EXO’s unique “cool and sexy vibe” and receiving positive responses.

At the same time, Suho also introduced “Cream Soda” as a song that embodies a sweet and addictive sensation akin to love.

Source: Daum

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