Vogue’s pictorials of Koo Jun-yup and Seo Hee-won (Barbie Hsu) have been released: “A couple in their honey-mood”

Vogue has recently released the newest pictorials of Koo Jun-yup and Seo Hee-won.

On September 30, Koo Jun-yup posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption, “We met each other again after 20 years, the honey-mood of Seo Hee-won x Koo Jun-yup, Vogue Taiwan October issue ‘In Love We Trust'”. Seo Hee-won also shared photos of the couple pictorial through her personal Instagram.

koo jun yeop

In the photos, Koo Jun-yup and Seo Hee-won were featured on the cover of the October issue of Vogue Taiwan. The actress hugged her husband tightly from behind and Koo Jun-yup also hold his wife’s hand while he was shaving. They filled the atmosphere of the shoot with their love only with their affection for each other shining in their eyes.

koo jun yeop

In other pictures, the two showed off their chic charms in black outfits together with their bold poses enhanced the completeness of the pictorial. Besides Seo Hee-won’s warm and gorgeous visual, Koo Jun-yup also attracted a lot of netizens’ attention with his handsome appearance.

On September 28, Koo Jun-yup posted a love letter to his wife Seo Hee-won, saying, “This is a love letter I have been preparing for 20 years. I dedicate it to you, my eternal love, the star in my heart.”

He said, “The moment she ran to me and hugged me tight that day, I thought I must have saved the earth in my previous life so that in this life, I was gifted a chance to marry this woman.” “Finally, while my heart is still beating, I can now protect her and we can protect each other. I don’t have much time left, so I’ve decided to love her more than myself for the rest of my life,” recalling the moment of reunion with his wife Seo Hee-won after 20 years of separating. He continued, “Even after all these years, she is still the same girl I first met 24 years ago and she has always been here, in my heart.” “You are the only star that lights up in my life. My eternal love. I promise to spend the rest of my life creating the best memories with you.”

On the other hand, on March 8, Koo Jun-yup announced his marriage to Taiwanese actress Seo Hee-won (Barbie Hsu). The two used to be lovers but have gone separate ways 20 years ago. After Seo Hee-won divorced her former husband in November 2021, Koo Jun-yup quickly reunited with her and got married right after that.

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