Beenzino to take strong actions against the Russian rapper who stole his song

A Russian rapper reportedly released a song completely similar to Beenzino’s.

Russian rapper Chipinkos reportedly released BeenZino‘s new song “Monet” without consent. In a telephone conversation with Dispatch on February 26th, Beenzino said, “I have no acquaintance with the rapper. We have never collaborated before. We will discuss with the distributors and take strong actions.”


Beenzino made a surprise release of “Monet” last year, heralding the release of his first full album “Nowitzki” in six years. “Monet” was officially included as the official soundtrack of this year’s global basketball game NBA 2K22.


However, a Russian rapper released the song as his single. Beenzino’s agency expressed displeasure, saying, “(Chipinkos) released the original song as if it were his own music.”


Meanwhile, Beenzino took part in a production camp for Nowitzki in Sweden in December last year. Currently, he has returned home and is working on “Nowitzki.”

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