BTS Jungkook officially has three Spotify records listed in the Guinness Book of World Records

BTS member Jungkook recently registered two new Guinness records, proving his reputation as a world-class pop star.

On August 2nd, the official website of UK Guinness World Records announced, “Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ has become the most-streamed track on Spotify in one week (male) with 89,748,171 streams”.

The website also stated, “The song has therefore gone on to become the fastest time for a music track to reach 100 million streams on Spotify (male), registering 100 million filtered streams on Spotify by July 21st – the 8th day after its worldwide release on July 14th, according to Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Songs Global’”, officially recognizing two new records for Jungkook in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Earlier, Jungkook was also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in May as the K-pop solo artist to achieve 1 billion Spotify streams within the shortest time. As a result, the BTS member has officially registered three music records for himself.

“Seven” topped Spotify’s “Daily Top Songs Global” on the 14th, the first day of its release, with a huge number of 15,995,378 daily streams. The song dominated the top spot on the “Weekly Top Songs Global” chart with 89,748,171 streams in a week and accumulated 120,055,793 streams in 8 days.

“Seven” previously exceeded 100 million pre-filtering streams within 6 days, the shortest time in Spotify history for both groups and solo artists around the world.

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In addition, Jungkook’s “Seven” set a remarkable record by earning 217.1 million streams on Billboard’s “Global 200” chart, making Jungkook the solo artist with the highest weekly streams in the history of Billboard.

As of the 6th day (KST) based on Spotify’s data, “Seven” continued to maintain the No.1 spot on “Daily Top Song Global” for 22 consecutive days, setting the record for the longest charting period by an Asian solo artist. Moreover, the song also secured 1st place on “Weekly Top Song Global” for three weeks in a row, marking the longest record for a K-pop singer.

Meanwhile, Jungkook also certified his global influence and presence as a global artist by ranking 1st in Spotify’s “Top K-pop Artist of 2022”.

Source: Nate

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