“The Glory” Kim Hieora praised as a genius actress in character transformation

With her impressive performance in “The Glory”, actress Kim Hieora gained the title “acting transformation genius”.

In Netflix series “The Glory”, Kim Hieora plays Lee Sa Ra, the daughter of a pastor at a large church and a painter. She drew admiration for her acting as a crazy character, making viewers look back on her diverse roles in previous works.

After making her debut as a theater actress in 2009, Kim Hieora has accumulated acting experience through numerous musicals and plays as well as challenged various characters. Since her first appearance on the small screen in 2021 through series, such as “Beyond Evil”, “Hospital Playlist 2” and “Bad and Crazy”, Kim Hieora has played many complicated roles. Within a short time of only 2 years, she changed too many images that viewers couldn’t believe all of them were performed by the same person.

Kim Hieora the glory

In “Beyond Evil”, Kim Hieora shocked the audience with her overwhelming charms when portraying the sharp eyes and husky voice of Bang Joo Seon, who was found dead with the tips of 10 fingers getting cut. After then, she became Boss Yong, the leader of a drug gang, in “Bad and Crazy” and left a strong impression.

In addition, she also appeared in 2021’s hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” as North Korean defector Gye Hyang Shim, and touched everyone with her realistic portrayal of motherly love. 

Kim Hee-ra

Kim Hieora then made a 360-degree transformation into “The Glory” Lee Sa Ra, a school bullying perpetrator and a painter whose life depends on drugs and alcohol. She perfectly pulled off the desperate appearance of Lee Sa Ra when in crisis and increased viewers’ immersion.

Kim Hieora creatively digested completely different characters with her own colors and won the title “acting transformation genius”. Drama fans are looking forward to seeing the new images and challenges she will show in the future.

Source: Nate

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