BTS’ Jin plays piano and sings live in practice video, now who dares to say BTS’ member is untalented?

Jin has shared an endearing practice video for his solo track “Epiphany”, which melts fans’ hearts!

On September 8th, BTS released new footage of Jin practicing the song, which was featured in BTS’s emotional comeback trailer for “Love Yourself: Answer.” It can be said that although this song was released under the form of a comeback trailer, but with the live version of the song with piano sound, the eldest member of BTS has left a deep impression with his sweet voice and handsome appearance. This cover quickly created a buzz in the community, and has now reached more than 1.5 million views after only 10 hours.

[BANGTAN BOMB] JIN’s ‘Epiphany’ practice – BTS (방탄소년단)

Even though Jin constantly receives criticism from netizens telling that he was the most untalented member of BTS, Jin’s live singing skill is not inferior to anyone. He even did the high notes and difficult parts in BTS’ songs. With the ability to attract people with his appearance and vocal ability, Jin still knows how to leave a lasting impression on fans even in a line-up of BTS, which is full of talented members.

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