Outstanding acting, yet this actress got criticized for an unexpected reason

Despite receiving a lot of positive comments for her acting, this actress is facing some criticisms for her new role. 

Despite having excellent writing so far, the ongoing K-drama “See You in My 19th Life” is facing a lot of mixed comments regarding the casting of its main actress. In particular, “See You in My 19th Life” is adapted from a highly popular webtoon, and ever since tvN announced the project, the audience has been eagerly anticipating how the protagonists Seo Ha and Ji Eum would be portrayed. 

As a result, after actor Ahn Bo Hyun was announced to play male lead Seo Ha, many viewers expressed mixed opinions, claiming that his robust and masculine appearance did not seem suitable for Seo Ha, who is known for being frail and weak due to a tragic past and dissatisfaction with his family. On the other hand, Shin Hye Sun was considered to be highly suitable for the role of female lead Ban Ji Eum.

After the initial episodes, viewers have acknowledged Ahn Bo Hyun’s efforts in losing weight for his role, while Shin Hye Sun’s performance was deemed relatively satisfactory, portraying a lively and energetic Ban Ji Eum. 

However, there were comments suggesting that compared to child actress Park So Yi, who played the 8-year-old Ji Eum, Shin Hye Sun seemed somewhat lacking in energy. In fact, some express disappointment in the adult cast, especially after the outstanding performances of the child actors Park So Yi, Jeong Hyun Joon (young Seo Ha), and Kim Shi Ah (Ji Eum’s 18th life) 

park so yi
Park So Yi’s exceptional performance led to some viewers being disappointed with Shin Hye Sun’s portrayal

In addition to the acting, many audiences complained about Shin Hye Sun’s appearance. According to them, Shin Hye Sun, who is in her 30s, look a bit too mature to fit the image of female lead Ji Eum, who just entered her 20s. 

In fact, viewers even expressed that Shin Hye Sun feels older than Ahn Bo Hyun, despite her character being 8 years younger than the latter’s. In addition, compared to the other two co-stars, Ha Yoon Kyung and Ahn Dong Goo, Shin Hye Sun also appeared mature, despite her character being the youngest.

shin hye sun
Shin Hye Sun plays the role of Ban Ji Eum, who is in her twenties

Fresh in its 12-episode journey, “See You in My 19th Life” is fortunately still receiving more positive comments than negative ones. Despite ongoing complaints, there is a high possibility that the cast will win over the audience with their astounding performances as upcoming developments approach. 

Source: k14

Photo: tvN

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