Seo Hyun-jin, the stylist manager was surprised by her weight loss… “It wasn’t planned on”

Actress Seo Hyun-jin confessed that she unintentionally went on a diet.

On July 22nd, a video titled Seo Hyun-jin saw her Namuwiki for the first time after 21 years of debut, the story behind Seo Hyun-jin’s surprise at her nickname?” was posted on the YouTube channel of the fashion magazine Allure Korea.

In the video, Seo Hyun-jin talked about behind-the-scenes stories of the drama “Why Her”. Seo Hyun-jin said, “To represent the star lawyer, I focused mostly on the outfit, hair, accessories and bag, those exterior things. And I heard a lawyer saying that the style matches that of the actual lawyers, which made me proud.”

Seo Hyun-jin then asked the stylist manager, “What took the most work for styling?” The manager replied, “Hyun-jin lost a lot of weight so I needed to adjust the size midway through.”

Seo Hyun-jin explained, “It wasn’t planned on. But that change suited the script very well. At the back there are more emotional scenes, more draining scenes in terms of stamina. My stomach isn’t that strong. I tried to eat good food for that.”

She added, “Trying to eat healthy then going overnight for working, it must’ve been why. I’m tearing up.”

Source: nate

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