A member of a famous Kpop girl group gets a fine for illegally using PROPOFOL

This female idol (temporarily called A) is said to be a member of a famous Kpop girl group

According to SBS news on June 30, member A of a popular girl group was caught using illegal propofol.


Previously, the police conducted a search and investigation at A’s house.  During the investigation, the police concluded that A actually committed the crime of using illegal drugs from July to August 2019. Therefore, this Kpop idol received a fine of about 1 million KRW for using propofol.

At first, this Kpop idol denied the accusations of illegal use of propofol and said, “I got it from a plastic surgeon. I thought it was for treatment.”  Before that, A suffered from severe insomnia and depression.

The plastic surgeon that A mentioned above also received a sentence of one and a half years in prison for illegally using propofol and selling the anesthetic Etomidate to customers.

a member of a famous kpop girl group gets a fine for illegally using propofol 29797

Propofol is a fast-acting sedative that helps to relax, only used during surgery in appropriate doses and is listed as a banned substance in Korea.

Source: SBS, Facebook

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