SNSD Sooyoung caused her “manager” Yoona to laugh: “My birthday is 3 months earlier, call me lady”

SNSD members Sooyoung and Yoona acted as artist and manager for a day, leading to hilarious situations. 

On the August 16th broadcast of the JTBC entertainment program “Soshi Tam Tam”, which stars the famous Kpop girl group SNSD (Girls’ Generation), member Yoona transformed into Sooyoung’s one-day manager, drawing attention. 

As soon as she met Sooyoung at the shop, Yoona shyly said: “Hello, miss Sooyoung”. Meanwhile, Sooyoung drew laughs as she pretended to be angry, questioning: “What time is it?”

Yoona then explained the day’s schedule to her “artist”, saying: “The original filming schedule was canceled, so you can drive home and rest.”

Sooyoung then responded, “So you are going home?”, to which Yoona said, “I wanted to be a real staff member, but unfortunately the weather is like this.”

In the end, the two decided to spend time together on a healing day. Suddenly, Sooyoung caused everyone to laugh as she said jokingly: “Isn’t my birthday 3 months earlier? I want you to use honorifics”

At this, Hyoyeon, who was reacting to the footage, started to laugh, saying: “Aww, aren’t you an oldie? Using honorifics sounds the scariest.” Meanwhile, Sunny expressed her shock: “Honorifics because of 3 months?”

The scene continued as Yoona spoke up, asking Sooyoung, “What title would you like”, to which Sooyoung pondered for a moment before stating that she wanted to be called a lady. 

Lady? Here we go, young lady”, Yoona said, making everyone chuckle. 

Source: nate

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