This line-up of dating reality shows planned to air this year promises to make your heart go pit-a-pat

Numerous dating reality programs such as Channel A’s “Heart Signal,” Mnet’s “Somebody,” and MBN’s “Before Some Rise” is on the rise.

Last year, a number of dating reality shows such as Kakao TV’s “Change Days,” TVing’s “Transfer Love,” and Netflix’s “Single’s Infernowere widely loved.

Several entertainment programs of the same theme will visit viewers this year as well.

dating reality shows

Let’s take a look at the love reality program scheduled to be released in 2022 that will issue an “excitement warning” to viewers.

H Club – May 2022

H Club” is a new concept love survival web entertainment in which ordinary men and women exercise and find love for each other in a limited space that is bult like a gym and a limited time of 24 hours.

This show aims to capture a real love reality in which men and women, who have the same common interest in health and exercise, raise their likability index with each other through couple sports.

dating reality shows

While Yubin and Youtuber Malwang are in charge of hosting and introducing games so that male and female cast members of “H Club” can win each other’s love, the series will be unveiled through the YouTube channel “DUM DUM STUDIO” in May.

Love After Divorce 3 – June 2022

MBN’s “Love After Divorce” is a 100% real relationship program that observes the relationship between charming divorced men and women from their dates to their time living together.

“Love After Divorce” has had 2 seasons, and its cast Yoon Nam-ki and Lee Da-eun even registered their marriage after meeting each other on the show.

dating reality shows

While “Love After Divorce: Spin-offs,” which depicts Yoon Nam-ki and Lee Da-eun‘s remarriage preparation, is being broadcasted, “Love After Divorce 3” will be available in June.

First Love Again – June 2022

MBC every1 “First Love Again” is a romance reality in which first love couples who had to give up on each other for various reasons reunite with fresh memories, excitement, and regret to face their real love.

dating reality shows

Through the reunion with the first love that everyone dreams of at least once, the audience will get to look at the real dating trends of the MZ generation and look into what love is for young people these days. As the casting step is already finished, “First Love Again” will be broadcast in June.

Somefing – Summer 2022

Somefing” is an intense love reality program in which hot men and women with a common interest in surfing gather and live together to find true love.

dating reality shows

The show depicts a stark romance process in which hot young people struggle for love with unpredictable missions. “Somefing”, which is expected to be the Korean version of “2 Hot 2 Handle!“, will be unveiled on Wavve this summer.

Transfer Love 2 – 2022

The 2021 mega-hit “Transfer Love” is a love reality in which couples who broke up for various reasons reunite to look back on their past love and find new love.

dating reality shows

The show is said to be good at portraying various emotions that people experience while dating and has created numerous moments where people can easily feel related to. Season 2 of “Transfer Love,” a romance reality that caused a dating show syndrome, will be on air within this year.

Love Catcher 2022 (working title) – 2022

“Love Catcher” is a real love psychological game to find true love between the real and fake ones.

dating reality shows

The 2018 season 1 and 2019 season 2 were broadcast on Mnet, and they returned as an original series of TVing under the name of “Love Catcher in Seoul” last year. “Love Catcher 2022”, a love psychology survival hidden behind “Love or Money?” will be introduced sometime this year.

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