Son Heung-min’s Shirt in Reconcile Post with Lee Kang-in Sold Out

The shirt worn by Son Heung-min in his reconcile post with fellow soccer player Lee Kang-in has immediately sold out. 

On February 21, Son Heung-min published a photo with Lee Kang-in on his official Instagram account, showing that the two of them have reconciled after a recent controversy related to the Korean national soccer team. 

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In the photo, Son Heung-min can be seen wearing a grey long-sleeve shirt from NOS7, a brand founded by the soccer star himself. According to Ajunews and Zing News, the shirt, which is made from cotton and sells for 97,000 won (approx 73 USD), has sold out immediately after Son Heung-min’s post. 

NOS7 is a brand named after Son Heung-min’s shirt number of the soccer field, founded by the athlete himself last year. The brand also sells other items outside of clothing.

Son Heung-min

Alongside his soccer career, Son Heung-min is also doing extremely well on the fashion scene. In particular, he was announced as the ambassador for luxury brand Burberry and underwear and casual wear brand Calvin Klein. 

On the other hand, the Korean national soccer team recently became the center of attention after a fight allegedly broke out between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in prior to the Korea-Jordan match at Asian Cup 2023. It is known that Son Heung-min appeared at the match with injured fingers, leading to speculations that Lee Kang-in was the one who caused it. 

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As a result, Lee Kang-in received heavy criticisms from the public, and brands that use him as a model started to delete the athlete’s photos and even cease their contracts with him. 

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min was also criticized for staying silent even as the controversy intensified

As Son Heung-min published the “reconcile post” and asked for fans to cease their criticisms for Lee Kang-in, however, public sentiment seems to have cooled down. 

Source: ZNews, Ajunews

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