Son Heung-min Criticized for Posting an Ad While Not Speaking Up to Defend Lee Kang In Amidst Controversy

Posting a commercial video amidst the chaos of Lee Kang-in fight controversy, Son Heung-min is under criticism for staying silent 

The shocking fight within the South Korean national team between captain Son Heung-min and rising star Lee Kang-in is escalating into a battle among fans. After Lee Kang-in faced criticism on social media for his disrespectful and immature attitude towards his senior, recently, some fans of Lee Kang-in also rushed to Son Heung-min‘s social media to express their anger.

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On February 15, after the fight was revealed in the media, Son Heung-min was still seen posting a promotional video for a fashion brand he is a global ambassador for. As of February 18, four days later, Son Heung-min’s post has garnered over 8,000 comments, mainly filled with supportive messages from fans.

However, on a different note, there are also fans leaving criticism and demanding Son to speak up about the incident with Lee Kang-in.

  • It’s sad to see Lee Kang-in, a 22-year-old player, fighting alone. It was indeed Lee Kang-in’s fault, but public opinion is like a pack of wolves, trying to find faults in everything he does.
  • Please explain what is right, Son Heung-min. As the captain, express your opinion.
  • He doesn’t have the qualities to be a captain. 
  • If netizens don’t try to attack Lee Kang-in, then Son Heung-min should also reveal his opinion.
  • I wonder if Son Heung-min intends to remain silent forever? 

In response to the criticisms targeting Son Heung-min, his fans left comments: 

  • The more you do this, the more Lee Kang-in will be criticized.
  • The commercial video was in the contract, so what’s the issue?
  • Why does Son Heung-min have to explain?
  • Stop covering up for Lee Kang-in.

In fact, immediately after The Sun reported on the internal conflict that caused Son Heung-min to dislocate two fingers, Lee Kang-in posted an apology through his Instagram story. Lee’s lawyer also dismissed suspicions of Lee Kang-in punching Son Heung-min when the two argued.

son heung-min

As for Son Heung-min, he still hasn’t directly addressed the controversy or shared his thoughts. However, in a YouTube interview with his club, he said, “That was the toughest week of my life. I gained strength from the fans who supported me.”

Source: K14

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