BamBam revealed he wanted to get married in the future, but always got “friendzoned” 

Famous Thai rapper humbly asked for dating advice from the “Psick Show” hosts. 

Recently, BamBam (GOT7) sat down for a talk with three hosts of “PSICK SHOW” and asked for comedian Kim Min Soo’s advice on dating and marriage: “I have one question, can I? You know every show he’s always talking about getting girls and stuff like that. But I’m really bad at pick-up lines and getting girls. I wanna learn from you. Because you know, I’m twenty six, but in four years, I’m gonna turn thirty, and, maybe later, I want to get married and stuff, too. So I need to learn your skill. Girls always think I’m cute and funny but never think [of me] as a man. That’s my problem. So everytime, just good friend, good little brother.” 

Bambam GOT7

In response, Kim Min Soo said: “I think you’re too humble, right?  You’re famous and you’re very popular. I think I know what the problem is. You’re weak at flirting.” 

Later, Lee Yongju gave BamBam a popular lesson in flirting: “I will teach you a little technique. If you’re next to a girl you want, say ‘Let me see your hand?’ ‘I can do palm reading’ ‘Oh, you have a very good life line.This is the rich line. And this is the love line. It goes to my heart.’”


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