K-netizens Call for Heavy Punishment for Lee Kang In after Fight with Son Heung Min

There are demands asking for Lee Kang In to be removed from South Korea’s National Team and have his military exemption revoked 

On February 15, Korean media published a shocking report, revealing that Lee Kang In had punched Son Heung Min during a recent fight.

Lee Kang-in Son Heung-min

This report has ignited outrage against Lee Kang In, with Korean netizens even demanding his removal from the South Korean national football team and the revocation of his military exemption.

Comments flooded social media platforms:

  • Remove Lee Kang In from the national team.
  • Lee Kang In should fulfill his military service… Such immature behavior.
  • What was the coach even doing while they were fighting? 
  • He should lose his military exemption. He got it thanks to Son Heung Min in the first place. 
  • So this is how he behaves now that he doesn’t have to enlist. Disappointing.

Source: KB

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