Five K-dramas to look forward to in July: Park Sung Hoon turns tender police officer, Kim Se Jeong returns with “Uncanny Counter,” and more

These are the five must-watch dramas of July 2023.

Shadow Detective Season 2

“Shadow Detective” will return with season two, starring Lee Sung Min, who recently won “Best Actor” at the 2023 “Baeksang Arts Awards.” He plays Kim Taek Rok, a veteran detective who becomes an unwanted suspect when he is about to retire after a call from a man claiming to be an old friend. Taek Rok sets out to seek the truth. In the second season, he will strike back to bring the mastermind to light.

Shadow Detective


Strangers” stars two famous names, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung and Park Sung Hoon, the self-conceited country club owner Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory.”


The drama tells the story of a pair of mother and daughter – Eun Mi (Jeon Hye Jin) and Jin Hee (Sooyoung). Eun Mi was a single mom when she was in high school. In her 40s, Eun Mi is living with her 29-year-old Jin Hee, who is a police officer.

Eun Mi and Jin Hee love each other, but they frequently fight. However, things start to change when Doctor Jin Hong (Ahn Jae Wook) and police officer Jae Won (Park Sung Hoon) appear in Jin Hee life.

D.P. 2

“D. P.” continues with another season and follows up on the story of Ahn Joon Ho (Jung Hae in), along with his partners, on a pursuit of military deserters. The drama’s genre is categorized as drama and military, a perfect choice for anyone who wants to see Jung Hae In in suspenseful chases or simply wants a taste of heavy action sequences. 


The Uncanny Counter

After “Today’s Webtoon,” Kim Se Jeong returns with the second season of “The Uncanny Counter.” As Do Ha Na, actress Kim can showcase her athleticism in catching evil spirits from other worlds.

The Uncanny Counter

My Lovely Liar

“My Lovely Liar” stars Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun. Kim So Hyun will play Mok Sol Hee who is able to detect lies, an ability she despises, nonetheless. Because of this power, she cannot believe anyone. However, fate brings her to Kim Do Ha, a murder suspect who persistently proves he is innocent but cannot make anyone believe his words.

My Lovely Liar

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