Military Prosecutor Doberman super gripping with gorgeous but unpredictable characters

Alongside its super thrilling plot, K-drama series Prosecutor Doberman is also impressing viewers with an interesting gang of characters, whose personalities are even more heated than their visuals.

Having finished half of its run, Military Prosecutor Doberman is still introducing newer cases with rising levels of complexity and intrigue. But the thrills of the military court aren’t the only good thing that glues viewers to their chairs, and the series’ interesting yet wild characters also play a big part. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man: mischievously handsome 

Considered the most drool-worthy character of the drama, Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) just drives the viewers insane with curiosity. Having joined the military for money after a rather questionable invitation, Do Bae Man in the first episode didn’t make a wholly good impression. 

As a materialistic and cunning guy, Do Bae Man quickly noticed gaps in the law and utilized them to win cases for his clients. At the request of VIP customer No Tae Nam, Bae Man completely altered the truth behind private Hwang Cheol Sung’s paralyzing accident, and successfully helped his client escape drafting. To our main character, the military court was just his playground and every one his puppets. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman-Ahn Bo-hyun

In fact, by robbing justice from the weak, Do Bae Man became the same greedy lawyer that he himself once looked down on. While eventually changed with the help of the female lead Cha Woo In, this character certainly did not lose his wits, and now uses underhanded means to serve more righteous goals.

CEO of IM conglomerate No Tae Man: bastardly handsome

Except for his own mother, No Tae Nam (Kim Woo Seok) thinks of people as lower than his puppy. As the lovechild of General Noh Hwa Yeong, Tae Nam throws money at people’s faces, and readily uses violence to obtain whatever he wants. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

This guy literally beat a person to death for daring to complain about his puppy, shifted the blame onto his underlings, got girls drunk before violating them, and committed even more heinous crimes. Even after his enlistment to escape prison, the guy doesn’t charge a dime and acts like a bastard through and through. He slapped away food in the canteen, talked back to his superiors, and got his entire team punished through his actions. 

Having no remorse nor morals, along with an attitude of “money can buy everything”, No Tae Man is undeniably a handsome yet extremely annoying guy in Military Prosecutor Doberman.

Military prosecutor Cha Woo In: crazily beautiful

Contrary to her friendly appearance, Cha Woo In is a warm-blooded warrior who is always boiling with a thirst for revenge. As she sets up revenge for her family, Woo In many times made the audience admire her high-skilled martial arts and recklessness.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Throughout 12 episodes, her “craziness” has been a terrible nightmare for the gangsters serving under the Patriotic Association. Without waiting for the court’s decision, Woo In decided to find the lair to arrest Alan’s group on her own. She easily defeated dozens of muscular thugs with simple weapons such as golf clubs or wipers in hand.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

However, her hasty personality and difficulty in containing her anger is a fatal weakness, making Cha Woo In easy to be caught by the enemy and pushed into a disadvantageous position. Fortunately, after convincing Do Bae Man to her side, his cool head helped the beauty to partially control her fiery personality.

Crazy fan Han Se Na: ignorantly beautiful

Playing an important role in the first 6 episodes, Han Se Na (Yoo Hye In) scored points with her elegant and gentle beauty. Putting herself in a dangerous situation as she accepts a date with her idol Alan, Han Se Na was drugged, raped, and brutally tortured.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

However, the most confusing thing for the audience about this beautiful girl is the reluctance to reveal the guilt of the perpetrator. Fearing that the clip would be released, but even when the USB containing the original video was in the hands of the investigative agency, Han Se Na remained silent. It was only when No Tae Nam and Alan threatened her family that she made up her mind. Although the truth has been brought to light, the gullibility and simple-mindedness of this young girl have abetted the wicked for a long time.

With increasingly dramatic developments, the series is continuing to reveal a series of hidden corners that shake the military environment. Will the couple Do Bae Man – Cha Woo In be able to defeat the underground force of big-name officials? Let’s wait for the answer in the remaining 4 episodes.

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