SM’s ace girl group GOT The Beat draws controversy for singing misogynistic lyrics

Netizens are disappointed with both the melody and lyrics of GOT The Beat’s song. 

Recently, SM confirmed the launch of a project girl group called GOT The Beat (Girls On Top) with a powerful lineup including BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi and Wendy (Red Velvet), Karina and Winter (aespa). Fans call GOT an “ace girl group” and “female version of SuperM” because it brings together top female idols of SM. 

GOT The Beat’s stage for Step Back 

On January 1, GOT The Beat released a special stage for the song “Step Back” at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA. This special girl group will also release their first track at 6 pm KST on January 3, 2022.

got the beat
The performance for Step Back caused controversy
got the beat
With a lineup full of top visuals, talented vocalists, and dancers, but is the quality of GOT’s music really “on top”?

On social media, netizens are having mixed reactions to the song “Step Back”. Accordingly, many fans criticize this song, claiming it sounds too messy and noisy, with many overlapping high notes. Overall, Step Back is considered to lack a catchy hook and sound like a patchwork of disjointed parts.


Besides, the song Step Back was criticized for its ridiculous lyrics. The project name is Girls On Top, which is feminist, but the song’s content is about bringing down another girl just for a man’s love. Some of the lyrics are as follows: “Who do you think you’re looking at/ How dare you go over my head?/ You’d better shut your mouth and stand back/ Or else give it a go/ Try climbing your way up here/ Did he have a crush on you?/ When we played like a baby/ When we were young/ I’m sure you flirted some, flirted some, flirted some, quite some bit/ Playing with your childhood memories, is it that fun?”

Step Back’s lyric was harshly criticized for being too toxic and bringing down women just because of men

In general, netizens rated GOT’s song as a disappointment because SM could have chosen a better song for the company’s top vocalists. Many fans wonder how SM female idols feel when they have to perform a song with such “embarrassing” lyrics.

Although it is the debut song of a group consisting of top vocalists, the song “Step Back” is still criticized for its poor quality.
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