Whereabouts of BTS’s Jin on his 2nd week of training in the military 

BTS’s Jin showed a military discipline to the extent that he could even lift and carry five chairs.  

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, who is undergoing recruit training for recruits, attended the Communication and Sharing Military Book Concert held at the 5th Division’s boot camp auditorium in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, on December 23. His healthy appearance when tidying up the table was captured by the reporters of “The Fact”. 

bts jin

Jin entered the 5th Division Recruit Training Center on December 13 with his fellow members sending him off, and is undergoing training for the second week. This is the first time he was spotted adjusting to military life. Jin attended the indoor training session held in a freezing cold weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius, joined lectures and consolation performances with other trainees. 

On this day, at the training center, Jin showed off his charm by showing sincerity when listening to lectures and cheering loudly at consolation performances. During the 30-minute lecture, he sat quietly and listened. During the performance, he stood up to the song “Let’s go on a trip,” raised his hands high, and cheered with excitement. 

bts jin

Jin has changed his status from a member of the global group BTS to an army trainee. He wore the same outfit as his colleagues. Wearing a black beret and black mask, he looked healthy and handsome in the military uniform. He carried the chair he sat on after training. Contrary to some concerns about whether he will be able to adapt to the difficult and arduous life at the training center at a somewhat older age, he seems to get along well with fellow trainees who are younger than him. 

Jin’s top-tier appearance was well reflected when he was in the military uniform. Wearing a military uniform that goes well with his tall physique, a black beret, a mask, gloves, and a watch, he overcame the hard life as a trainee even in the cold of -12 degrees Celsius that day.

bts jin

Born in December 1992, Jin, who is currently 31 years old, received a recommendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to postpone his enlistment in accordance with the Military Service Act revised in 2020. His enlistment was postponed until the end of this year.  Jin is the first member of BTS to enlist, and is undergoing the second week of training. He will be discharged on June 12, 2024, after 18 months of military service.

Source: Nate

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