You might not have noticed these mistakes in Netflix’s hit drama “All Of Us Are Dead”

As the zombie drama “All Of Us Are Dead” is gaining huge popularity around the world, the drama’s mistakes are also rapidly being discovered.

Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Deadpremiered on January 28th amid expectations from many people.

“All Of Us Are Dead” depicts the story of students isolated in a high school where the zombie virus spread and those who try to save them going through an extreme situation where they cannot know what is going on ahead.

Based on FlixPatrol, an online content service ranking website, “All Of Us Are Dead” topped Netflix’s TV show category around the world a day after its release and has been at the top for five consecutive days.

All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead
Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead”

As many people’s attention is focused on the drama, its directing mistakes are rapidly being discovered.

In particular, netizens said, “It’s very obvious that the drama was filmed at a set,” regarding the scene where Cheongsan (Yoon Chan-young) and Soo-hyuk (Park Solomon) ride on the outer wall of the school building.

All Of Us Are Dead

Because of the lighting installed in various places at the set, each has several shadows.

All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead
Online community

There were also people who mentioned the scene where Cheongsan and Soo-hyuk ride the outer walls of the building without any difficulty.

This is because even a person who has exercised a lot cannot easily do this in real life.

Despite these comments, many fans are still showing great affection for the drama, saying, “It’s so fun” and “It’s showing the power of “K-Zombie” to the world.”

All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead
YouTube channel “Netflix Korea”
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