4 reasons why this zombie series from Korea is the hottest topic right now: as thrilling as “Train to Busan”, starring a “Squid Game” cast

This zombie blockbuster series is driving worldwide viewers wild for its high school background and young cast.  

This Lunar New Year, a new Korean series will be premiered worldwide under the name “All Of Us Are Dead”. This series is a zombie-themed story based on a very famous webtoon, starring a team of young but very talented Korean actors. Just by a few trailers and still cuts, this series has had the audience all around the world on the edge of their seats. Below are the reasons why “All Of Us Are Dead” is so highly-expected.

The plot’s quality is guaranteed by a famous webtoon with many thrilling twists

The drama starts after a zombie case was found at Hyosan High School. the whole school soon got affected by the zombie virus, which then spread to the whole city. Amid the chaos, some students have fought for their life to escape this hell hole. “All Of Us Are Dead” tells the story of these students, as well as opens up the political and social aspects of Korea if an apocalypse does happen.

All Of Us Are Dead” promises countless crazy plot twists throughout the series. However, the most impressive detail of this show is how the main cast survives and solves their life-and-dead situations.

Lee Yoo Mi – the well-loved character in “Squid Game” will also appear as a high schooler

The audience worldwide all fell in love with the unlucky Ji Young (played by Lee Yoo Mi) in “Squid Game”. In the blockbuster “All Of Us Are Dead,” Lee Yoo Mi will appear as Na Yeon – a cocky student. Na Yeon is totally different from the shy and cold Ji Young. However, this will be a good chance for the audience to admire Lee Yoo Mi’s excellent acting skill. 

The cast of all young actors for the concept of high school students. Their visuals are also outstanding!

The main cast consists of all young actors and new faces in the Korean film industry. Actor Yoon Chan Young, who plays Cheong San, was born in 2001, and 2003-born actress Park Ji Hoo appears in the drama as On Jo. With their youthful appearances, the cast lineup is expected to portray the image of students in grades 11 and 12 perfectly.

Watching trailers and still cuts, viewers can easily see the acting skills of the main cast. Strong emotions expressed through their eyes and their lines saying are also factors that raised audiences’ expectations for “All of Us Are Dead”.

 The cast of all young actors for the concept of high school students. Their visuals are also outstanding!

Great-scale production with many thrilling action scenes, which is comparable to existing zombie blockbusters

Through the pre-release photos, the production team has proved that they invested a lot in makeup and creating effects for their crowded zombie cast. In addition, they also built large-scale filming sets, from a school to the whole city.

One more thing about “All of Us Are Dead” that excites the viewers is its numerous thrilling action scenes. It is not exaggerated to say that “All of Us Are Dead” is a perfect combination of different styles from “The Walking Dead” and “Train To Busan”.

12 episodes of the series will officially be released on Netflix on January 28th.

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