BLACKPINK Jennie, unreasonable yet humorous “Lovestagram” with Zinedine Zidane

BLACKPINK Jennie has been embroiled in an unseasonable “Lovestagram” allegation.

Recently, on an online community, a claim was raised that Jennie is being suspected of “Lovestagram”, which drew attention. Lovestagram refers to a post that indirectly reveals the fact that someone is dating, and it is said to be the beginning of dating allegations.


The suspicious photo is a picture Jennie took with her dog in the past. In the photo, Jennie is wearing a purple hoodie. The female idol is stylishly digesting the training code and at the same time making a chic appearance with her dog Kai, who is believed to be a cocker spaniel.


Surprisingly, French soccer hero Zinedine Zidane was pointed out as Jennie‘s alleged Lovestagram counterpart.

Zidane took a picture with his dog in April last year in a similar outfit to Jennie. Zidane, wearing a purple hoodie, showed a bright smile next to his dog and celebrated the meeting with his 10-year-old dog.


This is why soccer-related communities raised suspicions about Jennie and Zidane’s Lovestagram.

Of course, netizens’ claims are mixed with playfulness. Although humorous, the post is spreading with support from netizens. Some people are curious about Zidane‘s future course of action with this post.

Meanwhile, Jennie, who traveled around the world for various fashion events in March, is reportedly preparing for BLACKPINK’s comeback.

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