Low stadium capacity to hold only medium audience size, BLINKs are disappointed, YG underestimates the group’s reputation? 

Fans are displeased with the chosen location for BLACKPINK’s anticipated world tour. 

After “PINK VENOM”, BLACKPINK is preparing their comeback with their title track “Shut Down” in their 2nd studio album “BORN PINK”. Apart from the highly anticipated album, fans are eager for the girl group’s world tour that is worth their wait for the group after two years of laying low. With a top reputation in the industry, YG promised to bring the largest stadium tour ever with approximately 1.2 million goers. 

BLACKPINK dropped their poster for the title track “Shut Down”
blackpink concert
YG also promised to hold the largest stadium tour ever seen before with 1.2 million concert goers

However, the announced capacity of the stadiums that are intended for the tour was below expectation. The European and North American stadiums could only hold around 16 to 20 thousand people. The largest stadium in North America, United Center, could only seat 23 thousand people. 

The intended locations in  North America and Europe in BLACKPINK’s tour 

Many fans of the groups could not help but feel dissatisfied with the chosen stadium for the concert. With a moderate size, the fandom felt the concert experience would not be comfortable and ticket purchase would be extremely difficult. 

It was not surprising to see fans displeased with the chosen location, stating that it was a safe choice and was not up-to-standard with BLACKPINK’s influence. Previously, in April 2022, TWICE held their concert in North America under the TWICE 4th World Tour III.  The concert tickets were sold out in a flash and the size of the stadium was enough to hold around 20 thousand people. Moreover, the majority of fans who could not buy a ticket urged JYP to organize another extra special encore performance night at the Banc Of California stadium (Los Angeles, USA), able to host 22 thousand concert goers. The milestone helped TWICE to be the Korean girl group to have the most audiences in a North American tour with 100 thousand people, breaking the records set by BLACKPINK.

TWICE  had to do another extra night in North America because many fans could not get their tickets at the first night

Despite BLACKPINK’s increasing reputation and influence, YG did not make a wise choice for the location of the concert, causing a large body of fans not be able to attend their idols’ concert. The group themselves is also faced with the probability of additional tours for the stadium’s low capacity. 

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