“Single’s Inferno 2” Lee Soo E Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photo as Yoon So-hee from “The Glory”

On the 11th, Lee Soo E posted three pictures on her Instagram with the caption “Yoon So-hee.”

In the photos, Lee Soo E is wearing a school uniform with a name tag that reads ‘Yoon So-hee’ and taking a selfie in a car.

Lee Soo E

Dressed neatly in a school uniform, Lee Soo E exudes a pure charm with her clear skin and bright eyes.

However, in contrast, she also caught the attention of many with her portrayal of a school violence victim covered in makeup wounds. In the Netflix series “The Glory,” Lee Soo E played the role of Yoon So-hee, a character who suffered from school violence and eventually met a tragic end at the hands of the young gang led by Park Yeon-jin (played by Shin Ye-eun).

Lee Soo E

Lee Soo E, who had been wearing a bright smile, now wears a sorrowful expression after her transformation with makeup, evoking a sense of sympathy.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens left comments on Lee Soo E’s Instagram such as “Yeon-jin, why did you do that to our So-hee?”, “You are such a great actress. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I support you,” “Wow, I was right. I was hesitant at first,” “I recognized it right away,” “I love seeing you grow as an actress.”

Previously, in December of last year, Lee Soo E made an appearance in the Netflix series “Single’s Inferno 2.”

As the youngest cast member, she played the role of Kim Se-joon’s (played by Song Kang) love interest, and the two eventually became a couple, leaving the Love Alarm world behind.

Born in 2000, Lee Soo E is currently 23 years old and majored in theater and film at Hanyang University. She also made a special appearance in the SBS drama “Police Station Next to the Fire Station” which aired last year.

Source: Wikitree

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