“The day Rise and EunB passed away was my birthday”… So Jung tearfully recalled Ladies’ Code’s traffic accident in the past

So Jung said she felt sorry because Ladies’ Code’s heartbroken traffic accident occurred on her birthday.

On February 23rd, Ladies’ Code Sojung appeared in a new video uploaded on the Youtube channel “Bejjangi Entertainment”.

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So Jung was surprised when the shamans guessed her job as a singer correctly. When asked if she had ever tried reading her past, So Jung said, “They told me to go because I had nothing to see”. In response, the shamans left a meaningful comment, saying “You have the energy”. Regarding So Jung’s personality, the shamans said, “You have the fortune of a celebrity who faces ups and downs and you’re on the stage as a singer to prove it”, adding “You’re an emotional, sensitive, and timid person who doesn’t express how you feel. You try to pretend to be a bright person although there are wounds in your heart.”

ladies code
ladies code

The shamans told So Jung, “If you had any sad experience, just ask us”. So Jung confessed, “That’s right. I suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. There was a big accident. It was so heartbreaking that I couldn’t sleep without medicine”. When a shaman asked, “I think you faced a crisis in your mid-20s and had a strange pain in your head”. Another shaman said, “Wait, I think someone died. I can see the death of a woman, not an ancestor”, adding “Seems like there were two people, not one, at the same time. So Jung was behind their back and followed them without knowing that they were dead”. In response, So Jung smiled awkwardly.

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Later, So Jung said, “An accident happened to my members”, then recalled when Ladies’ Code were on their way home from work under heavy rain after finishing their schedules in 2014. She continued, “The manager drove too fast and caused an accident. Two members passed away”, mentioning the heartbreaking death of EunB and Rise.

A shaman said, “One person seemed to be a foreigner”. Another shaman, who revealed that she could see dead spirits, said, “She is right next to So Jung”. In response, So Jung said, “I think I know who you are talking about. One member was born in Japan”. A shaman continued, “A member seems to feel very sorry for So Jung, who suffered a hard time with a deep wound.”

So Jung suddenly got emotional. She said, “So you have been right next to me. I was scared at first, but nice to see you”, adding “I was the only person who couldn’t see them in my dream. The other two members suffered mental issues enough to see hallucinations”. Mentioning Ashley and Zuny, So Jung said, “I fell unconscious and was seriously injured at the time of the accident. They witnessed the accident scene.”

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So Jung shared, “I wanted to show a better performance to the members who had left. I believed that we should never disband and never give up”. A shaman then comforted So Jung and said, “This year will be your turning point”. 

In addition, So Jung revealed that the day of the accident was a special day. She said, “It was on my birthday. On our way to Seoul, the members celebrated my birthday with chocolate snacks at a rest area. The traffic accident happened shortly after that”, drawing regrets from viewers. The shamans responded, “The members who passed away are telling me that it was not your fault, so you should forget about the guilty feeling and look ahead for success”.

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