Lee Hi amazes netizens with her natural beauty recently… “She really looks like Song Hye-kyo”

Singer Lee Hi showed off her beauty.

On September 4th, Lee Hi released several photos on her Instagram account along with the caption “The thing in that glass tastes like Welchs Grape Soda”.

The released photos show Lee Hi wearing a blue cardigan and holding a wine glass. Looking like red wine, the drink in her glass is presumed to be grape-flavored soda. 

Meanwhile, Lee Hi’s clear and white skin as well as her distinctive facial features attracted attention. She smiled brightly, giving off a warm vibe that goes well with the autumn atmosphere. In particular, the female singer caught the eyes of fans as she perfectly pulled off large earrings.

Admiring Lee Hi’s beauty, netizens comment, “I can’t help but love a girl like you who makes wine using grape-flavored soft drink”, etc. Some even pointed out that Lee Hi resembles actress Song Hye-kyo in some way.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi released her full album “4 ONLY” in September last year.

Source: Nate

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