Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin interacted with successful fans, who are famous YouTubers

Famous YouTube couple Eolmi (Kim Han Ul and Ha Eun Mi) shared their anecdotes while interacting with Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min. 

On July 21st, YouTubers Eolmi couple posted on a photo with actor Kim Woo Bin on their personal SNS, along with the caption: “#Eolmi_couple heard that Woo Bin was coming to work, so we packed coffee and cookies and ran to him. As soon as Woo Bin saw us, he was like, “Huh?”, and hugged me happily (So ​​sweet..♥). I almost passed out.” 

The couple then said: “It was an unforgettable day! We will never forget his sunshine smile that resembles a warm spring day. Hope you (Woo Bin) walk a path of happiness! (Woo Bin’s precious bangs did not get into the photo because he was matching our mini heights) #Kim_Woo_Bin #Alienoid #Alienoid_Part_1 #Mom_I_succeeded”, showing their affection to the actor. 

Previously, a video of the Eolmi couple, who are married, went viral. In the video, the couple was watching the K-drama “Our Blues”, and the husband Kim Han Ul smiled brightly when Han Ji Min appeared. However, he made a sad expression when Kim Woo Bin showed up on the screen and then started to laugh. Woo Bin himself drew attention by leaving a comment on the video, saying: “I’m sad.”

Afterwards, when Kim Woo Bin appeared on SBS Power FM’s radio show “Cultwo Show” to promote his movie “Alienoid” Part 1, where Kim Han Ul Kim is an MC, the Eolmi couple prepared snacks and cheered for the actor.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin’s latest movie, “Alienoid” Part 1, was released on July 20th. 

Source: nate

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