YG & JYP idol development systems disclosed by 2NE1 Sandara Park & ITZY Chaeryeong

Sandara Park and ITZY Chaeryeong talked about the idol system of two leading K-pop companies, YG and JYP.

Chae Rina, Narsha, Sandara Park, and ITZY Chaeryeong appeared on the July 18th broadcast of JTBC’s “Salty Pawn Shop”.

That day, the guests gathered on the show to discuss the K-pop idol development system. Sandara Park talked about her experiences when she was a member of YG’s group 2NE1 in the past, while ITZY Chaeryeong described some parts of JYP’s current idol system.

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First, Sandara Park mentioned YG’s system when she debuted as a member of 2NE1, saying “It cost lots of money but…”, adding “They poured them all into music videos and costumes”. She also revealed how YG supported her when creating their first girl group 2NE1. In addition, Sandara Park confessed, “YG artists are all like this. They would starve themselves and buy sneakers. It’s the hip-hop spirit. Everyone is hip-hop”.

She continued, “A month before our debut, the company took us to the dermatologist. We went there and got fillers”, adding “Even after my debut, I also went there often”, explaining the way she took care of her skin and beauty as an idol group member.

Regarding YG’s training system, Sandara Park said, “Before then, the company prepared lessons with overseas choreographers for us, and poured all their money into music videos, LEDs, and outfits”, proving that YG focuses more on creative music products, such as music, music videos, etc.

Following Sandara Park, Chaeryeong talked about how JYP created ITZY.

sandara park chaeryeong

Regarding JYP’s beauty care, Chaeryeong said, “The company does not provide beauty care. We take care of it by ourselves”, adding “For dancing and singing. They support us a lot on that”. When Yoon Jong Shin asked, “You also go to the gym on your own?”, the ITZY member replied, “Yes”. 

Chaeryeong then introduced that she can use JYP’s restaurant and cafe for free. When Hong Jin Kyung added that JYP also provided foreign language lessons, Chaeryeong reacted, “They gave us lots of lessons like that”. Moreover, Hong Jin Kyung surprised the cast as she revealed JYP’s psychological counseling support.

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As the cast was curious about her skincare tips, Chaeryeong said, “If something happens to our skin, we would get treatment right away”, adding “There’s a clinic that has a connection with our company”, making Chae Ri Na and Narsha envy. 

In addition, Sandara Park and Chaeryeong also discussed the way each agency deals with “idol dating” issues. Sandara Park brought an old mobile phone she used back in 2009 when she was still under YG and told a shocking story, saying, “Because of Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon), the boss took it away from me.” She added, “During 2NE1 activities, I received many calls from male celebrities. Kwon Ji Yong told everyone in our company about it and the words eventually reached our boss.”

Chaeryeong emphasized that JYP is very strict about dating. She disclosed that she has no personal SNS accounts and only uses her mobile phone to communicate with her parents. The ITZY member also revealed that she gets paid every month.

Source: Daum

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