Female Military Nurse Cleared of Allegations for Approaching BTS’s Jin for Vaccination

A female military nurse is declared innocent after allegedly administering vaccines to BTS’s Jin.

The investigation into Military Nurse A, who was accused of leaving her workplace during working hours to go to the 5th Division Center to administer vaccines to BTS Jin and military personnel, has concluded.

The prosecution announced the suspension of the indictment and concluded that there was not enough evidence to support the allegations.

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In the interview on June 21st, Nurse A said, “I didn’t go to meet Jin, I went because there was a request for work support. Each shift required vaccinating 200 to 300 people. The entire 5th Division only has 3 medical officers, and due to the severe shortage of manpower and difficulty in obtaining assistance from the medical team of the division, I participated in helping with the work.”

A also mentioned that she was focused on her duties and only knew that BTS Jin was present after completing the task:

“It was impossible to distinguish who Jin was because all soldiers were wearing masks. Normally, after vaccination, they would leave immediately, but at that time, someone screamed (in pain) with an abnormal reaction. Later, while I was talking to another officer of the 5th Division, I overheard someone say, ‘It seems like it’s Jin.’ This was just a guess, and it was impossible to know if it was true or not.”

bts jin

A also expressed frustration because the news source provided misleading information. Nurse A did not hide the fact that she went to support the 5th Division. She informed the Medical Office a week prior and brought a confirmation letter on the day of her visit.

Previously, when the controversy erupted in early May, A received significant criticism regarding her professional ethics. After A was officially declared innocent, many netizens felt that she had been unfairly accused and criticized.

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