These Movie Male & Female Leads Did Not Communicate During Filming, “Honestly, I Hated Him”

Sota Fukushi and Marika Matsumoto shocked everyone with their revelation of not talking to each other during filming

The press conference for the new movie “The Women in the Lakes” took place in Tokyo on April 16th with the attendance of director Tatsushi Omori, Sota Fukushi and Marika Matsumoto.

When asked about his impression of Matsumoto, Fukushi said, “I can feel that she’s a person with deep affection”, adding “I think she gets along well with people around her. So I thought it would be so interesting if we didn’t talk at all. In fact, there was no conversation or laughter between us on the set except for the lines”.

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Regarding her impression of Fukushi, Matsumoto said, “Fukushi had a refreshing image, but I was a little scared in the first shoot because I had never seen him like that before. He exuded a strange sexiness”, adding “I thought, ‘I don’t want to know anything about Fukushi or see his smile or kindness’, so I tried to distance myself from him and did not make eye contact with him”.

Although it was their first time working together, the two proceeded with the filming without communicating with each other. It turned out that they did not even have any discussion about the roles. In this regard, Fukushi confessed that he felt nervous after the shoot. He said, “I normally laugh a lot and I tend to laugh when I’m with others, but this time, I didn’t say a thing. That’s why I was worried about what Matsumoto would think about me”.

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Matsumoto shared, “To be honest, I hated him. I thought, ‘I will never meet Fukushi again’”, revealing that they had not met for one year and a half after the filming ended.

Meanwhile, “The Women in the Lakes” will premiere in Japan on May 17th. It depicts the story of a detective pursuing the mystery behind the murder of a 100-year-old man at a nursing facility near Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. Fukushi took on the role of detective Keisuke Hamanaka, while Matsumoto portrayed caretaker Kayo Toyota.

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