G-Dragon’s Drug Use Controversy: Even Nail Test Turns Negative, But Who Will Restore His Smile?

Recently, G-Dragon has been making waves in the media. But it’s not because of his long-awaited new music; rather, it’s the shadow of being labeled a “drug user” that follows him.

Just when it seemed like another K-pop star might fall from grace due to a drug scandal, G-Dragon stepped up to prove his innocence. However, the lingering question remains: who will mend the wounds inflicted upon G-Dragon during this hard time?

The Shocking Drug Controversy 

G-Dragon’s reputation as the “King of K-pop” speaks volumes. Despite his hiatus, every move made by BIGBANG’s leader effortlessly triggers a social media storm. Whether it’s his fashion choices or day-to-day activities, fans and the public alike keep a close eye on everything related to G-Dragon.

So, when the police booked G-Dragon for alleged drug law violations, the entertainment industry was sent into a frenzy. Following an investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun, the police pointed fingers at the next suspected celebrity drug user—G-Dragon. 

The investigation was based on the testimony of a nightclub manager who had previously blackmailed Lee Sun Kyun. According to her, she discovered a suspicious piece of paper in the idol’s restroom, and G-Dragon was displaying questionable behavior.

g dragon

This isn’t G-Dragon’s first encounter with drug use. Back in May 2011, he was caught using marijuana in Japan. The subsequent hair test showed positive results, leading to a suspended sentence. 

The release of videos showcasing G-Dragon’s odd behavior, staggering walks, and incoherent speech only added to the public’s skepticism.

Immediately, news of G-Dragon’s indictment dominated headlines across Korea and Asia. G-Dragon went from being a K-pop king to a drug use suspect, facing ridicule, mockery, and criticism. His former company, YG Entertainment, found itself entangled in G-Dragon’s controversy, labeled as a “drugstore” with yet another artist involved.

Even fans began to doubt G-Dragon’s innocence, expressing disappointment. They mourned the glory of BIGBANG. With four out of five members embroiled in serious scandals, the scenario of BIGBANG reuniting seemed far-fetched. 

The end of October undoubtedly marked the hardest time for G-Dragon’s fandom. Fans couldn’t fathom going through such chaotic emotions—anger, disappointment, and sadness—all over again.

The Twist: Even His Nail Test Comes Back Negative

G-Dragon vehemently denied the drug use allegations. More than just a denial, he willingly worked with the police to clarify the situation. Through his attorney, G-Dragon said, “I am Kwon Ji Yong. Firstly, the accusation of my drug use is not true. I want to clarify that I am not involved in the recent media reports of ‘violating drug control laws’. However, as many people are concerned, I will actively cooperate with the investigation.”

At this point, not many people believed G-Dragon. Some even drew parallels between G-Dragon and former JYJ’s Park Yoochun. In the past, Park Yoochun boldly declared in a press conference that he would retire if he tested positive for drugs. Ironically, Park Yoochun did test positive. 

Many netizens speculated that G-Dragon was attempting damage control to salvage his image. Meanwhile, haters claimed that if G-Dragon presented himself as innocent, the backlash would be even stronger when he tested positive for drugs.

On November 6th, G-Dragon appeared at the Nonhyeon Police Station for the investigation. Arriving in a luxury car, G-Dragon confidently answered reporters’ questions, even flashing a smile. His self-assured demeanor and the smirk on his face drew criticism from the Korean media, accusing him of arrogance: “G-Dragon smirks,” “G-Dragon even refuses to apologize”…

G-Dragon faced additional accusations, such as intentionally shaving his body hair to destroy evidence of drug use and having his contract with Chanel terminated due to the scandal. 

On November 13th, G-Dragon unexpectedly conducted an exclusive interview with Yonhap News to address the public’s concerns about the drug allegations.

G-Dragon couldn’t contain his emotions, shedding tears towards the end of the interview. He asserted that he did not use drugs, nor did he know the night club manager and the accused doctor who allegedly gave him drug. He has his own ways to relieve stress, and it certainly does not involve drugs. If he sees others involved with drug use, G-Dragon will distance himself or discourage them.

G-Dragon explains that his flexible body is a result of years of dancing. He also mentioned that he talks hesitantly because he carefully considers his thoughts before talking. The BIGBANG leader also addresses suspicions of mocking authorities and media during his police appearance, saying, “It may seem that way, but I really didn’t mean it. I’m human too, and there are times when I feel anxious and uneasy.”

G-dragon Yonhap News TV
G-Dragon has conducted an exclusive interview with Yonhap to assert his innocence and share his emotions during this time.

At this point, Dispatch has intervened and revealed that G-Dragon is a victim of a staged scenario orchestrated by an entertainment establishment manager named “Madam K.” She extorted 300 million won (272,727 USD) from Lee Sun Kyun and then targeted another victim, G-Dragon. It is known that the “K-pop king” visited the entertainment establishment twice in 2022. On both occasions, Madam K boasted everywhere that G-Dragon had been there. G-Dragon’s name appeared in Madam K’s text messages, leading to suspicions that the male idol was her customer.

However, the actual evidence linking G-Dragon to Madam K is weak. The BIGBANG leader is the hottest name mentioned by Madam K, so the police relied on this information for their investigation. Initially an internal investigation, it quickly became public, causing G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun to be viewed as drug offenders.

Deep-dive testing results have since “knocked out” all previous suspicions. After days of uproar over the drug-use scandal, G-Dragon received negative results for rapid tests, urine tests, hair tests, and nail tests. Drug residues remain in a user’s nails for 5-6 months and in hair for a year, so the likelihood of accusing the male idol of drug use has significantly diminished. Although the police have not officially declared G-Dragon innocent, following the legal principle of proof more than presumption, the male idol is nearly exonerated in this case.

G-Dragon received negative results for drug tests, including rapid tests, in-depth urine tests, nail tests, and hair tests.

From being a “drug user suspect,” G-Dragon has turned the tables. The artist has stated that legal action will be taken against defamation, negative comments, and the spread of false information. G-Dragon’s lawyer mentioned that they are collecting evidence and will sue without compromise.

At this point, the South Korean police have blamed the media for prematurely reporting the case, while the media has criticized the police for excessively investigating G-Dragon. Additionally, the South Korean media reported that the forensic agency had results from in-depth testing of BIGBANG’s leader from the previous week, but the police hesitated to announce it. The police explained that they took time to contact the forensic agency to obtain the results.

The blame-shifting between the police and the media has left fans disillusioned. Many believe that, ultimately, G-Dragon is the one suffering the most in the “battle” between the police and the media. On South Korean social media, there are numerous comments such as: “I feel terrible and guilty for thinking he was guilty after watching the news,” “The police should only reveal the case after finding evidence, but they found evidence after turning G-Dragon into a criminal in the media,” “Who will compensate for his pain?”

G-Dragon is suing for inaccurate news, but the hurt is inevitable.

Later on, no fan will be able to forget the tears G-Dragon shed during the exclusive interview. G-Dragon, once considered arrogant and dismissive of the media, has now shown a rare humility. Despite being treated as a “criminal” without verified evidence, G-Dragon still declares that police investigation is necessary. The male idol actively appeared and cooperated with the police to quickly clarify the situation and prove his innocence.


In the interview with Yonhap, G-Dragon also opened up about how he perceives public opinion. Since his debut, the male idol has faced public scrutiny in every action. When the drug scandal broke out, he felt like he was “drowning in a sea of ​​criticism.” However, now he remains calm: “I need to be more careful because public perception is something I have to accept. Famous people receive attention and love from the public, so I have to manage myself more carefully.” The calmness mixed with bitterness in G-Dragon’s demeanor has left many fans heartbroken.

G-Dragon’s tears at the end of the exclusive interview only add to the pain: “I hope to one day return to my original self, to be an artist with a smile on my face.” Despite knowing that G-Dragon has faced many challenges in the entertainment industry, the extent of his current suffering remains uncertain.

Source: K14

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