“I was offered 1 billion won for a nude photoshoot → My ex-husband tried to take my money” (“My Way”)

Singer Yoo Ji-na revealed the sad stories of her life.

TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary: My Way” (hereinafter referred to as “My Way”), which aired on the afternoon of Sep 18th, featured the “original” Korean traditional music and trot queen Yu Ji-na.

On the show, Yoo Ji-na talked with her best friends Ahn Da-mi, Kang Min-ju, and Cho Seung-gu.

Ahn Da-mi shared details of their friendship, saying, “I talk to Yoo Ji-na on the phone every day and meet her two or three times a week to drink.” Kang Min-joo joked, “I don’t really like it, but this friend likes me.”

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Yoo Ji-na shared about her days of being nameless, saying, “When I was still no one, someone told me to come work at a bar, and I have once received a 1 billion won offer for a nude photoshoot.”

Cho Seung-gu also joined in and said, “When ㅑ was a rookie, she gave me 50 million won and told me to do promotion with that, but she also struggling somewhere. Everyone has that kind of pain when they first debuted,” he said.

Yoo Ji-na, who visited her hometown, hugged her mother, saying, “Mom has become prettier.” Yoo Ji-na asked her mom, “I lived with my husband for a year and divorced. Should I get married again?” and Yu Ji-na’s mother responded, “How nice it would be to have a child,” drawing laughter.

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“I thought he was like my father, so I married him, but he was a completely different person. He knew I was the only one making money but still tried to take money from me. It was a difficult time,” she confessed.

She said, “The saddest thing about my father’s death was that my father said, ‘I’ll do everything you ask me to do, so you just need to sing well.’ (When he passed away,) I wanted to learn piano, Korean dance, gayageum, and janggu, but I hated how I can only learn pansori,” she said with tears.

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Yoo Ji-na, who maintains a body like when she was in her 20s, also shared her stretching exercise method, saying, “I wake up at 3 or 4 a.m.” She called it “animal workout” because she worked out like an animal.

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