Forced abortion and drink spiking: What are Cai Xukun’s responses to ongoing rumors?

Cai Xukun spoke up to address ongoing rumors; netizens remain skeptical.  

On July 3, it was reported that Cai Xukun issued an apology to fans and addressed scandals involving a girl named C who accused him of forcing her into getting an abortion.

Specifically, C and Cai Xukun had a one-night stand, and C got pregnant with his child. She called to tell him the news, but Cai Xukun only told her to get an abortion. Afterward, Cai Xukun’s mother hired a detective and secretly monitored her life through a camera. When C found out she was being followed,, she reported the situation to the police. C recently exposed the star on social media. Cai Xukun’s reputation is on the verge of falling apart.

An elusive explanation

According to a letter he posted on social media, Cai Xukun admitted having a consensual sexual intercourse with C, and two sides cleared all misunderstandings in 2021. Currently, they are no longer related. He continued denying having illegal activities such as having sex with minors or forcing his partners to get an abortion.

Sohu also remarked that Cai Xukun only deny forcing the girl to get pregnant while refusing to address the issue of safe sexual practice. They viewed this vague answer was his way to leave the explaining to fans. He also did not address the fact that he refused to take responsibility for his child. 

cai xukun
Cai Xukun spoke up about the controversies for the first time and denied rumors of him having sex with minors

Nonetheless, Sina commented that Cai Xukun released this formal apology too late; he waited more than a week to address the entire controversy in a plain manner that it could hardly clear his tainted reputation.

This belated effort could not reverse the fact that many brands and CCTV broadcasts have removed his images from their sites. At this point, netizens say that Cai Xukun has lost his career and future; they claim that he is only doing this to keep himself from ending up behind bars.

Leaked private photo with a 17-year-old?

After Cai Xukun denied having any sexual encounter with a minor, an infamous reporter and many bloggers released evidence that the star once drugged a 17-year-old, called W, into having sex with him.

An audio revealed W had been a fan of Cai Xukun from 13 years old and started going out with him at 17. According to W, in February, the male singer invited her over and brought her a cup of orange that subsequently made her feel dizzy. They slept together afterward. She suspected that the drink was spiked and affirmed she was a minor during that time.

Cai Xukun

When this news blew up, netizens were in shock and thought that Cai Xukun could be put behind bars like Wu Yifan.

However, Cai Xukun shut down the rumors and stated that the information was false, and that he had reported the issue to the police to protect his reputation.

On Douban, netizens came up with a theory that Cai Xukun and his team are manipulating the media in their favor. They believe that Cai Xukun’s side was the one who leaked scandalous images and information to cause a noise that downplays the severity of him getting C’s pregnancy.

cai xukun

Cai Xukun would take up the chance to deny false rumors to show that he is responsible for his actions and will take measures against ill-intended rumors. They believe this is his way to imply that he is innocent and a victim of callous media play. If more information is confirmed to be false, the public will be skeptical of unverified information and take Cai Xukun’s side.

Whatever the real intention is, fans have lost most trust in Cai Xukun. Long-term fans announce they no longer support him and are actively boycotting the singer. Others express regret that Cai Xukun threw his growing career into flame all because of a poor management of his personal life.

Source:  Sina, Douban, Sohu 

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