A naked woman with a leash? TWICE Chaeyong flaunted a new risqué tattoo

TWICE member Chaeyoung is drawing attention with her new tattoo of a naked body

On September 4th, an article titled “The new-revealed tattoo of TWICE Chaeyoungwas published on an online community.

The article includes a photo of TWICE Chaeyoung, who is traveling in a car and lowering the window to greet fans. 

twwice chaeyoung thunbnail

Here, it can be seen that on the inside of Chaeyoung’s forearm, which is visible at first glance, there’s a shape of a long-haired naked woman with a long chain wrapped around her neck and arm.

Chaeyoung’s love for tattoos is well-known among TWICE fans, and the female idol is famous for having tattoos all over her body, including on her hands, arms, under her ears, and on the belly and waist.

Twice Chaeyoung

Seeing the new and somewhat risqué tattoo, netizens showed various reactions and left comments like: “I’m a little surprised”, “She always seems to have this free atmosphere”, “This is quite a difficult tattoo to process….”, and “She’s getting more and more tattoos everyday.

Previously on August 26th, Chaeyoung’s group TWICE made a comeback with their 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1 & 2”.


On the other hand, before the 7th anniversary of their debut and the expiration of their exclusive contract in July, all members of TWICE renewed their contracts with their agency JYP Entertainment, drawing attention.

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