Sending YG’s Yang Hyun-suk to court before starting his global project? B.I, the icon of ungratefulness

He is now seen as an icon of ungratefulness.

B.I – a former iKON member, announced the start of his global album project.

B.I released a teaser video announcing the start of a global album project on his official SNS at midnight on April 21st. In the teaser video, the phrases “B.I 2022 Global Album Project,” “Love or Loved,” and “Coming Soon” and keywords “Free Single?” “EP1?” and “EP2?” appeared, hinting his activity plans. B.I explained, “We have been continuously working with domestic and foreign producers and artists for this global album project.”

But the public still thinks it’s still too early to do this.

B.I is not free from the drug scandal yet. B.I was sentenced to three years in prison and four years of probation in September last year on charges of purchasing cannabis and LSD, a super-strong hallucinogen, from Han in 2016 and administering some of them. At that time, even his father cried, reflecting on his wrongdoing in educating his child, but since then, there has been no self-reflection in B.I’s actions. He released a new album only two months after his conviction, and now announced he would carry out a global project.

Moreover, Yang Hyun-seok, the former CEO of YG Entertainment, is on trial for covering up B.I’s actions. Yang Hyun-seok is on trial after being indicted on charges of threatening and conciliating Han in 2016 to reverse her testimony regarding B.I’s drug use. In the third hearing, Han attended as a witness and claimed that Yang Hyun-suk threatened her with remarks such as, “In this entertainment world, killing one of you is not hard at all”, claiming that she could die if she didn’t listen to him. She also shocked the court by saying, “Yang Hyun-seok actively blocked the testimonies, saying he didn’t want his kids to go to the police station.”

In other words, Yang Hyun-seok went to court while trying to save B.I, who took drugs and caused social controversy, while B.I ironically continues his activities casually. It remains to be seen how far B.I‘s brazen move will continue.

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