Han Ye Seul heralded the second round of a head-to-head match with YouTuber Kim Yong Ho

Han Ye Seul: “Kim Yong Ho, are you sure you’re going to send it this time? I’m tired of waiting”

On the morning of the 20th, Han Ye Seul posted a selfie on her personal SNS account, saying, “Kim Yong Ho, READY FOR SECOND ROUND?”

han ye seul heralded the second round of a head to head match with youtuber kim yong ho 209379723992

She said, “Are you sure you’re sending me this time? I’m tired of waiting ㅠ” and looking forward to Kim Yong Ho’s live broadcast.

In the picture, Han Ye Seul matched a white T-shirt with jeans to complete her own girlfriend look. The actress emphasized the beauty of a goddess while squatting down and posing with her chin on one hand. Her clear features from afar were also enough to attract fans’ attention.

Meanwhile, the beautiful actress is engaged in a battle of truth with Youtuber Kim Yong Ho. On the 13th, Kim Yong Ho conducted a live broadcast titled “I verified Han Ye Seul’s “false explanation”!” and drew attention by ruthlessly revealing her past as well as her boyfriend’s.

In response, she hinted at a legal response, saying, “We are taking a hard-line response to all false information and malicious comments”, and Kim Yong Ho announced that he would release more concrete evidence through a live broadcast today (20th).

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