Fans are furious that they only received the cancel announcement 1 hour after a WANNA ONE test positive

Fans complained about Mnet’s poor response during the event of WANNA ONE’s cancelled pre-recording. 


The stage of WANNA ONE at the 2021 MAMA, which was scheduled to be pre-recorded at 10 a.m. on Dec 10th, was postponed after a staff was tested positive. Fans at the scene are angry that MAMA’s organizer – cable music channel Mnet – did not announce that the stage would be suspended immediately after confirming the staff’s positive test result. 

According to a Twitter post, the staff was tested positive at 9:50, and Mnet announced that the pre-recording would be postponed to 30 minutes later at 10:00. 

WANNA ONE netizen comments

After, fans have been furious, saying that they received an announcement that WANNA ONE‘s stage pre-record will be completely suspended at 11 p.m., an hour after the original recording scheduled. 

Netizens also criticized due to the fact that they’ve waited four to five hours from dawn to see the stage, but there was no proper compensation for damage. “Even if they announce that all of the members are tested negative and the pre-record will continue tomorrow, they won’t be able to put in 499 people in the actual broadcast,” they said, pointing out that fans who had waited for the pre-recording cannot see the actual stage on the spot. 

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Mnet is now known to have an internal meeting on how to compensate and then announce it to fans by text message. 

WANNA ONE is a group formed through the Mnet program “Produce 101” in 2017. Although it was officially disbanded, the 2021 MAMA was scheduled to showcase a reunion stage with all members except Lai Kuan-lin for the first time in about three years. MAMA is an Asian-scale music festival hosted by Mnet, which will be broadcast live from 6 p.m. on Dec 11th.

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