“There’s a huge gap between the testimonies of Nam Joo-hyuk’s teachers vs. the victims…Even the donations to his alma mater”

It was argued that the families of the victims were hurt once again by the teachers’ testimonies regarding Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy.

On July 7th, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho posted on his YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho” a video titled “Shocking defense of Nam Joo-hyuk teachers…Why the parents are going crazy.”

Lee Jin-ho dealt with the recent controversy over Nam Joo-hyuk‘s school violence past and mentioned what Nam Joo-hyuk’s teachers testified when the bully allegations were raised. Two of Nam Joo-hyuk’s teachers looked back on when he was still in school, saying, “He is not a bully,” and “He is nice and helped his friends a lot.” The teachers also explained the controversy over school violence.

In response, Lee Jin-ho said, “The testimony of the two teachers played a decisive role in resolving the unfair situation surrounding Nam Joo-hyuk. Thanks to their firm voice which is backed up by their positions as his teachers, many suspicions were resolved,” he explained.

At the same time, he said, “However, parents of the victims were shocked by the interviews of these teachers. They even complained that they got mental illnesses. Their children claimed to have been hurt, but the teachers affirm that there is no school violence, while the victims are also the teachers’ students. In particular, the claims of the victims were concluded as malicious false reports, but there was a huge gap between the claims of both sides. Parents of those who were hurt by the incident were shocked to the point where they even had to take medication,” claiming that the teachers’ testimonies have hurt the victims and their families once again.

Lee Jin-ho said, “However, the teachers have even put their pride on the line, which means how hard Nam Joo-hyuk has proved himself when he was in high school.” However, there are responses that it is still rash to conclude that there was no school violence just by listening to that.

Lee Jin-ho also re-examined that Nam Joo-hyuk donated 30 million won to his alma mater in 2017. “At that time, Nam Joo-hyuk went to deliver the scholarships and even looked for his teachers to take selfies with them. You can see how close Nam Joo-hyuk was with his alma mater teachers. Nam Joo-hyuk’s appearance was also captured by his juniors, and it was impressive to see him bowing to his teacher.

However, what is clear is that Nam Joo-hyuk was positive, enterprising, and full of justice in the eyes of his teachers. In other words, there is a huge gap between the testimonies. Attention is focusing on which direction this story will flow,” Lee Jin-ho added.

Source: nate

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