Lee Je Hoon selected for the lead role in “Chief Inspector 1963″…Play the youth of Choi Bool Am’s character

Actor Lee Je Hoon will appear as Park Young Han in MBC’s drama “Chief Inspector 1963 (working title)”.

On April 24th, MBC reported on Lee Je Hoon‘s casting. MBC’s new drama “Chief Inspector 1963 (working title)” (directed by Kim Sung Hoon, written by Kim Young Shin, created by Park Jae Beom, produced by Barunson Studio) is a remake of MBC’s legendary drama “Chief Inspector”. “Chief Inspector” is a drama about “Korea’s Columbo” Choi Bool Am solving crimes. 880 episodes were broadcast from 1971 to 1989. “Chief Inspector” was greatly loved by the entire nation.

lee je hoon

Lee Je Hoon will play the youth of “Park Young Han”, the role played by actor Choi Bool Am in “Chief Inspector”. If Park Young Han played by Choi Bool Am was loved as a perfect detective, Lee Je Hoon’s young Park Young Han in “Chief Inspector 1963 (working title)” will show another charm as a detective who fights hard in anger at the reality that tramples on human dignity.

Lee Je Hoon showed impressive acting through various works such as tvN’s “Signal”, SBS’ “Taxi Driver”, Netflix’s “Move to Heaven” and the movies “Bleak Night”, “Architecture 101”, “Anarchist from Colony”, “I Can Speak”.

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In SBS’ mini-series “Taxi Driver 2”, he was loved by showing various sub-characters beyond the main character. Expectations are high on how Lee Je Hoon will portray “Chief Inspector Park”, the absolute standard for Korean detective characters.

MBC’s retro crime investigation drama “Chief Inspector 1963 (working title)” will begin filming in the second half of this year.

Source: Nate

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