Lisa revealed how her solo debut affect BLACKPINK’s comeback, described herself as “average”

Lisa of BLACKPINK has been making waves in the K-pop industry since her debut with the group in 2016. With her captivating stage presence, unique voice, and exceptional dance skills, Lisa has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. 


However, in 2021, Lisa embarked on a new journey as a solo artist, releasing her album LALISA. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, which was released on March 7th, Lisa talked about how her solo work has affected her as a member of BLACKPINK.

In particular, Lisa said, “BLACKPINK members discuss and make decisions together. However, as a solo artist, I had to decide on every detail such as the song, choreography, styling, music video, album covers and more. It was a new experience for me, thanks to my company which valued and followed my suggestions. I gained a lot of confidence in myself, which also had a positive influence on my group activities as well. I believe my decision- making skills improved, which was especially helpful for our comeback [in August 2022]. “


The same interview also shows Lisa mentioned that she is “the happiest and most confident” when she is onstage. 

“Despite the number of shows I’ve done, every performance is equally valuable,” Lisa said, adding, “I hope our fans have a good time and feel happy watching us perform since that energy affects me as well. It motivates me to become a better artist so that I can always present excellence to them

Then, when asked to describe herself in private, Lisa mentioned, “I see myself as an average person, not so different from other people. When I don’t have a schedule, I usually sleep in, go for walks, and get food delivered. I enjoy such small moments of happiness, just like other people my age.”

Source: Harper Bazaar Singapore

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