From Brave Girls to BB Girls, no new hit was released after “Rollin’”

BB Girls, formerly known as Brave Girls, failed to gain notable achievements after changing their agency and making a comeback. 

Recently, BB Girls (formerly known as Brave Girls), released a new song called “One More Time”, which carries a confident message that 4 members will come together to create an impressive performance. The title “One More Time” also hints at the group’s determination to recreate the breakthrough success of “Rollin’”, which experienced a resurgence on music charts and gained massive popularity. 


Previously, after the expiration of their contract with Brave Entertainment in February, the girl group’s name was changed from Brave Girls to BB Girls due to trademark issues. At the time, the 4 girls dropped the song “Goodbye” to bid farewell to their old name, before resuming activities by signing an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea in April.

Brave Girls, now known as BB Girls, started anew, but their achievements are now modest compared to past successes. In fact, over a week have passed since the release of “One More Time”, but the song cannot be found on the top rankings of domestic music charts such as Melon and Genie. This is a huge contrast with the group’s record-breaking achievements with “Rollin’”, which stayed at the top of the Melon monthly chart for three consecutive months, and consistently ranked on daily charts for 547 days.


BB Girls’ current concept, song, and choreography have been criticized as not fitting well with the members. While ‘Rollin’ showcased the essence of “refreshing summer”, “One More Time” failed to capture attention with its ambiguous concept that neither fully embodies freshness nor maturity. The music, choreography, and styling were somewhat outdated, making the stage bland. 

The girl group simply hasn’t released any song as big as “Rollin’”. “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, which was released after “Rollin’”, had a promising start, but left room for disappointment in terms of concept and quality. Similarly, “Thank You” couldn’t generate positive reactions due to its predictable melody and uninteresting hook.


Prior to BB Girls, EXID was another girl group that experienced a huge resurgence. In fact, although EXID had other hits like “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink”, these couldn’t achieve the same mega-hit status as “Up & Down”, and their subsequent songs didn’t garner much attention. 

Now, no member of EXID remains under the group’s original agency, and most are currently focusing on individual activities, with no reunion in plan. Considering this, the future for BB Girls, who has no hit after “Rollin’”, may be bleak. 

All in all, it is urgent that BB Girls discover their team color and ended the ongoing ambiguity, or else what awaits them will only be a downward turn.

Source: Daum

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