K-netizens react to Jang Won Young’s condition with wounds on her arm

Fans criticized IVE’s agency as they recently found out about Jang Won Young’s injury during “I AM” activities.

A fan posted on Nate Pann some photos of Jang Won Young during the promotion of IVE’s song “I AM”. 

Pointing out the wounds on Jang Won Young’s elbow and finger, this fan expressed concern about the female idol’s health condition and criticized IVE’s company for hiding it.

Original post: Nate

In response to the post, other netizens commented:

– Wow, the comments here surprised meㅋㅋㅋㅋ Didn’t Jang Won Young say she couldn’t film the music video because of the wound? She couldn’t film the MV because she had to go to the emergency room and get 7 stitches, right? She didn’t complain or show her wounds at all. Is it a crime for fans to worry about their idol and ask the agency to explain properly? Why are people criticizing IVE fans here?ㅋㅋ

– Aigoo, it must have hurt a lot because the skin where she got the stitches would stretch when dancing

– To people who think we are making a big deal out of nothing, those photos were not taken right after her injury but after she got stitches and treatment… The injury was serious enough for her to go to the emergency room, so why are you guys leaving such malicious comments hereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe you’re upset and jealous because no one worries about you when you get hurt, but don’t cross the line

– The reason fans are angry and upset is that the agency has never sued anyone although the IVE kids have been facing all kinds of rumors and hateful comments, but videos of people cursing the agency were taken down immediately. The members got injured but tried to cover the wounds quickly and showed a professional side by continuing the filming although it would leave scars. They continued doing the choreography without letting anyone know that they were hurt and it eventually hurt the injured area even more

– It must hurt a lot since she even had to go to the emergency room for treatment. Starship, please take better care of the kids.

– But you still have to go to work even if you get injured that much, right?? Even if you have such a wound on her arm, you still have to go to work the next day

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