Yoon Jin-yi is getting married on October 22nd, her husband is a genius in the financial sector

Actress Yoon Jin-yi will soon join the list of married celebrities.

According to the coverage of Sports Kyunghyang on August 25th, Yoon Jin-yi will have a wedding ceremony with her non-celebrity boyfriend somewhere on October 22th. The wedding is currently in the preparation stage, and the details are being coordinated by the couple.

Yoon Jin-yi

Yoon Jin-yi’s husband-to-be is a non-celebrity who is four years older and is a talented name in the financial sector. After a year of dating, the two decide to announce their wedding news. It is known that they have carefully planned the future with each other and decided to tie the knot with trust. Both families have already finished meeting each other and are planning wedding-related matters.

Born in 1990, Yoon Jin-yi is 32 years old this year. She made her debut in 2012 with the SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and made her name known through the role of a bouncy and lively Im Meari. Since then, she has established herself as an actress by appearing in “Discovery of Love,” “Happy Home,” and “My Only One.” Recently, in KBS2’s weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman,” which ended in huge popularity, she turned into the daughter of a rich family, “Lee Se-ryeon,” adding fun and laughter to the story.

Source: Daum

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