BTS J-Hope goes through intense military training in the army 

New photos of BTS J-Hope at the training center have been released.

Recently, photos of J-Hope’s training in the military have been released, garnering attention. In one of the released photos, J-Hope raised his hands high while his eyes were tightly shut during a grenade-throwing training ground.

In another photo, J-Hope closed his eyes tightly with a distressed expression. The rapper poured water on his face as if he had finished CBR training.


Netizens saw the photos and responded, “It’s really real”, “He is having a difficult time in the military”, and “He is a world-class [star], but he suddenly became friendly”. 

Lately, on April 18th, J-Hope entered the boot camp of an army division in Gangwon-do. He was the second member of BTS to join the army after the oldest member Jin. The idol received support from all members and fans.


After completing five weeks of basic military training, J-Hope will be deployed later this month. His scheduled discharge date is October 17th, 2024.

Source: Insight 

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